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All the Insects in the World

...Visually appealing scenes of blue skies, colorful flowers, and brown dirt provide a good contrast to the bugs, beetles, and butterflies scattered across the pages. The text is aimed at confident readers, but there are plenty of images to keep younger children happy, with each insect identified by name in the back of the book. Back matter includes an author’s note, glossary, more information about monarch butterflies, and a detailed and numbered identification key to the featured insects. VERDICT A fine addition to any library’s collection about the natural world."
School Library Journal
Marveling at Earth’s tiny creatures who evolved over millions of years, this informative picture book shrinks its perspective down to penny-size and traipses through the world of insects—some of whom crawl across the dirt; some of whom command the skies, carrying pollen far and wide. Its illustrations are abuzz with colors and teeming with a variety of insect life, from tiny fairy wasps to moths whose wings stretch as wide as a bird’s. Budding entomologists and other curious readers will be enthralled." - Reviewed by Michelle Anne Schingler
Foreward Reviews

All the Birds in the World

...Fantastical compilations of birds common and rare, depicted with great care and painterly realism are shown roosting, nesting, wading, and flying, interleaved with spreads showing arrays of eggs, beaks, and bird feet. Opie uses clear text in rhythmic patterns punctuated by line breaks to articulate the essence of birdies..."
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review
...Highly recommended. The sparkling and informative text and crisp, clear illustrations highlight a wide variety of birds while creating a sense of belonging for the plain kiwi and anyone else who might feel different."
School Library Journal, Starred Review
...Opie here demonstrates his skills as a wildlife illustrator...The first-time author/illustrator provides a straightforward text that simply but effectively gets his point across..."
Kirkus, Starred Review
...The pictures of birds are impressive for their precision, spacing, and use of color, and the simply written, factual sentences are on target for the audience..."
Booklist, Starred Review
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All the Fish in the World

...A broad and engaging introduction to the largest vertebrate group."
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review
...In beautiful, colorful, and detailed underwater scenes with an impressive multitude of fish varieties..."
Booklist, Starred Review